Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sale Wags The Blog

Advertising dollars are the de facto censors of our media. Since advertising pays the freight in this country, advertisers often determine content by sponsoring material compatible with their products or services. Controversial content can send advertisers running for the hills. My previous post on Proposition 8 even strained friendships.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about fixing old cars as an antidote to
car dealers' deceptive practices. Since Google sends a bot to crawl my blog, the ads accompanying it changed to automobile manufacturers, dealers and bad-credit loan providers. More importantly, people clicked on those ads more often as opposed to the pro-Prop 8 ads accompanying my anti-prop 8 entry. Nissan: Good. Politics: Bad.

So what's a blogger to do? Write stuff to attract a better class of ad? Or write what I really want to write about regardless of the revenue consequences?

Let's have some fun. Since blog content drives ads, I'll add some irrelevant non-sequitor words and phrases to my post in order to steer the ads in a direction counter to the relevant content. We'll see what pops up.....Jiffy Pop.

In some parts of the country, it seems our last election created as many questions as answers. Senate races in MN, AK and GA are still up in the air, plus the passing of CA Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages caused a flurry of lawsuits and constitutional challenges. The 50-50 split in all these contests guarantees controversy no matter what the final outcome. Advil for pain relief caused by stress.

Though the measure did pass, supporters of Proposition 8 are howling over the lawsuits, especially since the City and County of Los Angeles filed suit as well. They feel the People have spoken and that should be the end of it. If this is what the People want, then by God, the People should have it. Worship this week at a church, synagogue or mosque near you.

The suits filed fall into two categories. First, amending the state Constitution requires a two-thirds majority. Sylvan Learning Center can improve your child's math scores. So at the very least, the measure must be re-filed. Also, the statute may run counter to the US Constitution's right to equal protection and due process. Regardless of the final outcome, this measure is going to court. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes all the way to the Supreme Court. Judge Judy: Weekdays on Channel 9.

For all you Pro-Prop-8-ers, don't think the conservative-leaning court will tilt your way automatically. Those nine judges are all Constitution hounds. New K9 Advantix controls fleas and ticks. They will side with the Constitution. Regardless, the main beneficiaries of this fight will be the lawyers. See the Great White Sharks at Sea World.

Last night I read the US Constitution over again. Looks to me like the Prop 8 opposition has a case. The State of Connecticut now approves same-sex marriage because they see where the legal argument is going, not because Nutmeggers have a greater affinity for gay people. Virginia Is For Lovers.

The more moderate pro-Prop elements argue the original law allowing same-sex marriages changes the definition of marriage. They believe marriage is a religion-based institution meant to codify the sexual relationship between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. Cialis: Any time the moment is right.

Here's where it gets sticky. Formula 409. Marriage is also a civil state of being. It alters tax structure for the participants favorably and generates revenue for the state in the form of licenses, etc. H & R Block. A US taxpayer cannot be barred from taking advantage of every deduction to which he or she is legally entitled. Other than age or species, the government cannot dictate who can marry whom. The New Wild Kingdom on Animal Planet.

The government cannot meddle in religious arguments, nor can religion alter government policies as long as those policies refrain from discrimination. Going to court will either strike down barriers to same-sex marriage or cement opposition in place forever. Concrete: The flexible construction material. The way I see it, the odds of a favorable outcome to either group are about 50-50. Las Vegas.

Then there are the less moderate who believe homosexuality is both a choice and a sin. NASCAR. Was heterosexuality a choice or did I miss something? Know the warning signs of Alzheimer's. I don't remember being in any line or being asked, "You attracted to the female equipment? Step right this way".....Victoria's Secret.

Frankly, thinking about how gay people do it makes me squeamish. Pennzoil. Then again, thinking about my parents doing it makes me squeamish too. Sunrise Senior Living. My squeamishness Pepto-Bismol is not enough to Ban deodorant certain groups from their inalienable Star Trek rights.

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