Saturday, February 7, 2009

Living the Dream I

Right now, I am waist deep in a job search I am reluctant to write about for some reason. Until I get over myself, let's hear from my brother Ed who turned 50 a couple of months ago.

Ed is the middle child and acts like it. He is the most pragmatic of our clan, being bookended by a couple of dreamers. So who knew he harbored a secret desire to fulfill diamond fantasies and return to the baseball field where he excelled in his youth?

Yes, Ed gave himself a birthday present this year. Currently, he is in Florida playing baseball at the Red Sox spring training HQ participating in their Fantasy Camp. Each night he sends us a long email with pics describing his adventures with Red Sox from days gone by and his fellow campers.

How my brother became a Red Sox fan is anybody's guess. His parents were two of the most rabid Yankee rooters on the planet. I'm thinking he was dropped on his head as a baby because there is no other explanation for the kind of damage necessary to root for the Red Sox. Sure, they won a couple of World Championships so far this century. They did early last century as well. We all know what happened next, but I digress.

Without further ado or obnoxious comment, here's my brother Ed.....

Hi Everybody,

If today is the worst day (weather-wise), it is gonna be a great week!!

Had skills evaluations today and a practice game for evaluation. I played shortstop and pitched an inning (closer). Got one hit in a very windy ball park. Fielded all chances cleanly and made the right throws (not always caught by the fielder). Gave one guy a haircut he won't soon forget. My one hit was a fisted blooper over shortstop in my one at bat. My evaluation team wasn't very good so I only had one chance to hit.

I was drafted to play on the team that will be managed by "Spaceman" Bill Lee. I was told he drafted me late in the first round or early in the 2nd, he couldn't remember (typical). He's a really great guy and he wants everybody to know that all those stories you heard about him over the years are "probably true".

Here is a partial list of the players I've met so far: Jose Santiago, Mike Torres, Shag Crawford, Jim Corsi, Gary Allenson, Bill Campbell, Rick Miller, Steve "Psycho" Lyons, Sam Horn, Rich Gale, Rich Gedman, Rick Wise, Bill Lee, Bob Montgomery, Jon Valentin, Butch Hobson, George Thomas, Frank Malzone, Dick Drago, Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, Kevin Youklis and others I can't remember right now.

If that's not cool enough, take a look at the photos attached. The two guys in the picture are my roommate John from West Hartford and Frank Viola.

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