Saturday, February 7, 2009

Living the Dream IV

Yet another installment from my brother Ed at the Boston Red Sox Fantasy Camp in sunny Florida.  I'm  not changing anything, nor am I leaving anything out.  Ed likes to use the dot-dot-dot thingies a lot so that doesn't mean I cut anything.....And now, back to our "field" correspondent.  Take it away Ed:

So this morning when we were waiting for the bus to take to the Park, a car pulls up and Butch Hobson says "you guys need a ride?".....It's always best to get an early start because the line for the trainers gets longer as the morning progresses....first it was 15 minutes in the hot whirlpool (good thing because it was 35 degrees at 6:00AM), then 10 minutes on the stationary bike.

After a good breakfast and a little lower back stretch from the trainer, a range of motion exercise for my achy shoulder, a wrapped hamstring and bandaged finger (see attached) we had our clubhouse meeting...At the clubhouse meeting, they reported that the game statistics for the first 4 games were posted (see attached just in case you thought I was fibbin' a little). Today was expected to be very difficult after "blow-out Wednesday" because you now have entire teams decimated by injury. My team has had very little injury and most of us are getting better.

Game 1 was quite a surprise. The "Spaceman" had an idea. "Let me see you throw with your finger taped," he said. So I warmed up with a few tosses and then tried to throw holding the ball mostly with just my thumb and one finger on the ball. He said, "That's what I thought. You throw a perfect sinker...You're starting the game today!"

I didn't argue but I never thought I'd last 4 innings and leave the game with a 9 to 1 lead. We got two runs early and added 6 more in the 3rd inning. The coach sent me to shortstop in the 5th and we won the game. I went 2 for 2 and pitched 4 solid innings without my middle finger touching the ball. Our opponents did not hit one ball into the outfield until the 7th inning but by then it was way too late.

After Game 1 we go back inside for lunch.....and look who drops by ... It's Mike Greenwell. (Actually, he looks like someone who ATE Mike Greenwell-picture tomorrow) ... so I got picture of Oil Can instead. A quick trip to the trainer for a little lower back and shoulder stretch. Sunny skies and warmer temps helped but it was amazing how good I felt considering the bumps and bruises I have.

For Game 2 the weather is starting to improve hourly. The sun is shining, the wind is dissipating and the temp is climbing to high 50's. We start off with 5 quick runs on a barrage of singles and doubles. My swing has been inhibited by the bad finger but I still managed enough contact to bloop a few singles into right field. The other team had no answer for the onslaught and we won 9 to 2. A double play ended the only threat in the 7th when the opponents finally managed to push 2 runs across.....

After getting 4 hits in 5 at bats today, I finished the three days 13 for 17 officially...765 average... not bad for 50.....My team and my roommate's team are still the only remaining undefeated teams....With one more win and a little luck, we will be playing in the Championship game at the City of Palms complex at 3:30......Say a prayer and wish me luck!!

Please forward the news to whomever you want......Enjoy.

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