Saturday, February 7, 2009

Living the Dream II

Part two of my brother Ed's adventures at the Boston Red Sox Fantasy Camp in Florida. Scroll down and check out part one first. Here's Ed:

So I was talking to Oil Can Boyd at the bar last night....well he was talking and I can neither repeat nor understand what he was saying.....anyway....

This morning we arrived at the Red Sox Player Development Center for breakfast and a trip to the trainer's room for a little relief from sore body parts.....After a good breakfast and a little lower back stretch from the trainer, I'm good as new and ready for the morning meeting. This meeting is for everybody in the clubhouse to discuss the schedule for the day and to address the fines levied in the Kangaroo Court from the day before.....(like some guys get fined $1 for going to bat with their pockets sticking out of their pants or if they fall down while running to first base, etc.).

Game 1 started well as we jumped on the opposing pitcher for 5 runs in the first. I got my first and only hit of the game (a real line drive single) to drive in the 3rd and 4th run. I probably should have mentioned that the pitcher was 6'-4" and weighed about 230 lbs. Good thing he was 68 years old. We won our first "real" game 9 to 3 behind a stellar 5 innings from our 72 year old pitcher and my first 2 inning save. I had all five pitches working today and I think I've been designated as "the closer". It's pretty easy following a 72 year old junk baller with 60 mph "heat".

After Game 1 we go back inside for lunch.....and look who drops by (see attached). It's the most recent Red Sox Hall of Fall inductee Jim Rice. During lunch I was sitting with Lou Merloni and Rich Gedman. On the table next to me is the 2007 World Series trophy and a couple of rings (see attached). Very cool!!

For Game 2 we must board a team bus and travel down the road to City of Palms Field (see attached) where the big league Red Sox play their spring training games you see on TV......BEAUTIFUL!!!

The rules for the afternoon game change a little because one of your coaches must pitch. Remember now, I have to face "Spaceman" Bill Lee. He is still some kind of great pitcher. He is so good, he hit my bat 3 times during the game and I finished with 3 hits (4 for 6 on the day....not bad).

The game was against my roommate's team (see attached photo with my roommate John, myself and John's look-alike teammate Bob) and ended in a 2-2 tie... it was very crisply played contest, quite exciting as we tied the game in the top of the 7th and turned a double play with the winning run on 3rd base......what a great park and a terrific day......

How much snow did you guys get?? Only 65 degrees here today but the wind chill made it seem like....65 degrees.

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