Saturday, February 7, 2009

Living the Dream III

Another installment from my brother Ed. Scroll down and start from Day One:
So last night I was sitting down relaxing outside by the pool smoking a cigar and Luis Tiant leaned over and asked for a light....I said "certainly". Then he said something I can neither repeat nor understand.....anyway....

This morning we arrived at the Red Sox Player Development Center for breakfast and a trip to the trainer's room for a little relief from sore body parts (see a pattern developing?).....after a good breakfast and a little lower back stretch from the trainer and a range of motion exercise for my achy shoulder we had our clubhouse meeting...This training staff is the best...they are like magicians. Today is referred to as "blow-out Wednesday" because this is usually the day when all the old guys and a lot of the young guys blow-out their hamstrings.

Game 1 was a blowout from the start (the score, not the hamstrings). We started hitting from the first inning and didn't stop till the game was over. We won 18-3. Our opponents hit one ball past the pitcher in the first 5 innings. We discovered a new pitcher and he was spectacular. Good thing because it looks like my pitching days are over. During the 4th inning while throwing the ball around he infield, I stuck my hand in the glove too quickly and jammed the top knuckle on the middle finger and my throwing hand. It swelled immediately so I taped it up and learned to throw without using that finger (not easy). It didn't stop me from hitting though. Went 3 for 3 with a double and knocked in a bunch of runs.

After Game 1 we go back inside for lunch.....and look who drops by (see attached). It's Dwight "Dewey" Evans and he could not have been nicer. Much different than the Jim Rice experience. A quick trip to the trainer to see what they could do for the finger. They taped it better and sent me off to play.

For Game 2 the weather is starting to turn. The sun is shining but the wind is starting to blow and the temp is starting to drop. We start off with 2 quick runs on four consecutive singles to start the game. Mine was the last of the 4 and drove in the 2 runs. However, as I rounded second after the throw to the plate, I could feel my hamstring grab and I had to stop running immediately.

After the third out was made, I jogged gingerly off the field to the on-site trainer. He quickly stretched me out and wrapped my leg while the team warmed-up to start the inning. I was back on the field before the pitcher was through with his tosses.

The other team had a little trouble getting started in the first three innings because we ended each with a double play. Since my range at shortstop was limited by the hamstring injury, I permitted the other team a few base runners that they would not normally have gotten. They scored 4 runs to take the lead 4-2 in the 4th inning. We answered with 5 runs in the bottom of the 5th to reclaim the lead 7 to 4. Another double play ended the threat in the 6th and the other team went quietly in the 7th and we had our second victory of the day.....

After getting hits in 9 consecutive at bats starting yesterday, I finished the two days 10 for 13.....not bad for 50.....My team and my roommate's team are the only remaining undefeated teams....

Spent an hour with the training staff to see if they could save my hamstring. The finger hurts but I can play with it, I just can't pitch. It's suppose to be 30 degrees tomorrow morning for Game 1 (not very good for the hamstrings). Oh well, I really, really miss work......yah right

Please forward the news to whomever you want......Enjoy.

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